Three Way Color Corrector, The “+” Button, and The “-” Button

The three way color corrector effect was redesigned to allow for easy color correction within film clips, especially the secondary color correction. The three way color corrector allows the user to easily change the intensity of a color within a film clip.


To use this feature simply grab one of the “line draggers” from a color wheel and move it around. You will notice that as your drag the “line dragger” around within the color wheel, the clip will begin to change color. The color of the clip attempts to mirror the corresponding “line dragger’s” color. When moving the “line dragger”, you will notice the whole image changes. In order to change a single selection of a clip, simply specify a range that you would like to have adjusted. This will instead adjust the color within a specific range of values instead of the entire clip. The color corrector can be used by both basic and advanced users. The three way color corrector will allow you to adjust the color, hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness. If you are looking for a much more in depth and advanced use of the three way color corrector, please refer to this video tutorial

There are two other things I would like to briefly mention for my DIY blog. These are random tidbits, but they were my favorite shortcuts to use while editing film clips in Adobe Premier Pro. Sadly, zooming is not as intuitive as one might expect for such an expensive program. Clicking on the timeline and pressing the “+” button will or “-” button will zoom in and zoom out on the time line respectively. These became a life saver for me while working in Adobe Premier Pro. Enjoy!

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