Late Blog 10 Post

Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time) is a documentary about a hardworking Indian boy. The film is mostly without dialogue and simply uses ambient sounds for the soundtrack. This technique gives the film a very natural feel as if the viewer is actually there watching the scenes unfold. This effect is also brought out because there is no narrator making a strong attempt at convincing the audience of some point. The boy’s actions in the film speak for themselves, and need no narrator to emphasize them. However, the time of day appearing periodically on the screen is essential to the story. The time puts the story in the context of just one day, which is vital to showing that this boy has a wide range of tasks to complete in twenty four hours. Also, the displayed time allows the viewer to relate to the boy’s life. Some times that stood out to me were: the very early time that he woke up, the very late time that he went to bed, and the fact that he is just starting school in the afternoon because he has to work in the morning. Another technique of the producers was the style of shooting that they employed. The shots are long and fluid, but the cuts jump and change subject rapidly at times. The quick cuts and rapid subject changes work with the film because the boy is nearly always in the shot, and we are guided by the displayed times, so the context of the story is not lost. The long, fluid shots again lend themselves to the natural voyeur style of the film. These types of shot more closely resemble how an observer would see the events unfold and thereby give this more realistic and tangible element to the film that would have otherwise been lost by a more classical, scripted cinematic approach.

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