Blog 5

Watching a full featured film entails you using your sight to see the visual element of the story and your hearing to understand the language element. When watching a foreign film especially in a language you do not understand, your sight is used to comprehend the visual element, which now includes both the language and the images. Your hearing is now used to hear a language that means nothing in a direct understanding of the language. These voices being heard, while the language can not be understood directly, can add to the overall understanding and the enjoyment of the movie as a  whole. While you can read the words and comprehend the story line through its  symbols and the scenes on the screen will show you the descriptive elements, the voice, no matter the language, can set the mood. Words can mean different things and have different extremes, depenending on the emotional context. Even when the words cannot be understood, the way they are being spoken is something that can transend the language barrier. Throughout my college experience, I have had the chance to watch films containing many, many languages that I have never had any sort of contact with. I was still able to enjoy the films to the fullest. The words that i was hearing, even if the seem like the furthest things from words, still served part of their  purpose as their inflection and tone were still telling the story. The fact that this non-traditional way to experience a film still lead to the same understanding result as the traditional way is very interesting. the quote from “Show and Tell,” “And indeed, words and pictures have great powers to tell stories when creators fully exploit them both.”  I feel, definitely speaks to this point.  Using words as a visual  aid and allowing the emotions of the dialogue can be , in some cases but not all, the best way to get to this great power.

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