Totally Worth It! – Dylan Mercer Blog Post 13

I was sceptical at 1st of the utility of this class. My schedule this semester is packed to the brim with 23 credits and preparation for graduation. So naturally I was horrified at the amount of work this level of creativity demands. Especially since I haven’t used a single program we learned in class prior and I haven’t a creative bone in my body. I’m all analytic all the way down. Luckily the class was designed for the folks like me. Nursing me to creative life with clear examples, in depth dialogue and truths about creative procedures that are easy to follow. In all it turned out to be an awesome experience and probably the only class of my 7 that I will actively use and improve the skills learned.

It all came together when I was creating the undocumentary. On the previous projects I was creating a script in order to satisfy requirements. In this undocumentary I was creating a script to maximize the effect of my piece. I really felt the effects of creativity and sharing (digital) my truly new composed media. Also the video project made me realize the true value and utility of Photoshop and audio editing. Maybe it was that adobe primer was so easy and fun to use, but man am I hooked!

At this point I’m all chips in. My roommates and I already have 20+ ideas of awesome original YouTube movies we can make (and none of them involving “vulnerability”, imagine that). My summer will definitely be spent applying all these digital editing techniques and ever increasing my web presence. You all better subscribe to my YouTube…. in order to receive your never ending supply of Magic the Gathering video documents (common, you know you want to learn more lol).

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