Premier IS AWESOME! – Dylan Mercer Blog11

Well, I’m not sure I have anything new to share concerning Adobe Premiere, but I did try to hit the gamit. And Gosh this is a fun program. Incredibly intuitive and if you don’t know how to do something…. google it. Might take all of 20 seconds to come up with a complete and awesome answer. In all this is an awesome program, I totally bought it and excited to use it in the future.

My favorite feature by far is putting media over media and resizing them or overlapping them so that they both play simultaneously. This was so simple it hurt. Put one media over the other media and resize it! Done! I got this idea from the youTube PBS Idea Channel and the idea is this…. one piece of media at a time isn’t enough. Our generations attention span is obliterated and our media needs to represent that. I want movies, dialogue, music, pictures flashing and all of it at once!

The issue now is formatting all this media to work together. Even though the idea is overload, this is not the same as chaos. Premiere has a lot of excellent tool for formatting and editing, in fact that’s the name of the game. Drop the music down here, need it a bit louder here, it doesn’t work at all at this spot, etc. I got incredibly familiar with the setting of time markers for audio. Time Markers also came in handy with moving pictures and objects around the screen.

This isn’t terribly helpful, but I’m not sure I used techniques that don’t just fall intuitively from Premiere. Watching the tutorial videos literally took me more time then figuring out a given effect I wanted to apply by play. This is a testament to how awesome the program is.

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