Note to Self

Thats all you got , eh?

Your initial website was not that good.

This very moment it is much better than it was at the midterm, i’ll give you that much. I know that you are working on it as you type this post so I won’t put you down that much, but be sure to be consistent and know that the only difference between a good website design and a great one, is the time you put into it.

Looking at Charlie’s post I liked the idea of grading your projects through images, and on your website you get a Lego cat head.Image

You deserve this grade because this lego head is pretty good, but imagine how great this would be if this head had a body to accompany it.

The bottom line: Complete with care.

The Photo Documentary.

I liked the connection you wanted to make between Andy’s items in the basement and Vulnerability, but I thought you could have executed the idea better. I feel you did good work in Photoshop, but that you have to work on being able to convey a linear story through images more effectively.funny-mona-lisa-pictures-3

You deserve this grade because while your intentions were great you just flubbed up a little in the creation process and were 2 pictures away from having a work of art.

The bottom line: could have been great

The Audio Documentary.

I am highly polarized by this project. I think this was a very creative idea, but I also hate many things about it. I think your biggest mistake was adlibbing instead of having a script. It could have been a lot more thought out.

You deserve this grade because even though I am not pleased with the results I think you shot for the moon on this project and that is commendable, even though you missed.


The Bottom Line: Coulda,Shoulda,Woulda

The Un-Documentary.

I liked your idea and the interviews you were able to attain, but I know this could be much better if you had a wider variety of visuals. You obviouslly bit off more than you could chew, when you decided on this idea, because you didn’t know how hard it would be to get shots of the various cats around Oakland.


You deserve this grade because while spaghetti is a dlicious meal it is much better when there is meatballs to go with it. If you had better shots of cats this documentary would have been great.

The Bottom Line: Close, but no cigar.

The Remix

This was my favorite work of yours. I think it was multi-dimensional and was a great attempt at the prompt. I think you successfully integrated multiple ideas into a project. Maybe you finally got this.?!Seal-of-approval

The Bottom Line: Keep it up

All in all, I think you learned a lot of important tools that will help you be successful and definitely literate in  this ever increasing world of digital media.


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One Response to Note to Self

  1. pec35 says:

    No idea why but especially after the photo narrative assessment, i read this in the voice of the sorting hat from harry potter. Thought I’d let you know.

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