No One Likes Forks, Stick A Spork In It.

Composing Digital Media is a great, no wait that’s an understatement, the best alternative to other intensive writing courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh. To be honest, I took this class with the specific aims of avoiding a traditional English class. I have never been fond of traditional English courses for two reasons: the teacher chosen readings crammed into your cranium and the type until your fingers bleed essays. There is an enormous lack of freedom in these classes. Composing Digital Media is none of that, it gives the student all of the freedom they could ask for and allows them to be their own creative outlet. F***ing awesome!

I entered this class confident that I knew most of the digital mediums that would be taught. Wow was I wrong. I learned so much more than I already knew and enjoyed every second of it. I thoroughly enjoyed that the class had a predefined layout; however, there was great flexibility within the schedule. I would definitely suggest this course to fellow students who are looking to an amazing alternative to traditional English classes.



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One Response to No One Likes Forks, Stick A Spork In It.

  1. proftrisha says:

    Are you sucking up? Because there’s no need. Your work is good enough on its own. πŸ˜‰


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