My Final Remarks

You know, I showed up to this class the first day expecting something totally different than what has come out of it. A little photoshop, maybe some iMovie, too? Boy, was I wrong. As a little bit of a computer geek I always thought I understood digital media and that I was decent at composing it, too. Little did I know though, that there is much more to it than anyone could ever believe.

When people say computers have languages, immediately I think, or used to think: Java, C++, Visual Basic, and all that other programming jargon. But joining this class gave it a whole new perspective. Digital pieces don’t have to be that hard code that not many people understand. It can be plain English, just like composing a paper essay, except on steroids or something.

I’ve learned that composing digitally is such a dynamic way to tell stories, give information, etc. You can tell the same exact story in plain text on boring white paper and get your point across, but you can make a digital masterpiece that is much more appealing to the eyes, and even can appeal to other senses like hearing that evokes true emotion– emotion stronger than anything a paper essay could make you feel.

To me, that is what I got the most enjoyment and fulfillment out of learning in this class– that is except for the people. I’m quiet when we meet every Monday and Wednesday, and this class has had the biggest workload out of ANY class I’ve taken here at the University of Pittsburgh, but coming to class is fun and interesting, and thats due in large part to the group that has partaken in it. This could have easily been a toughie for me, but our group is very innovative, creative, and not to mention extremely helpful which made all the difference.  Thank you.

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