Final Blog Post/Reflection

I was completely terrified of this course when it began.  I felt overwhelmed by creating a website, learning all of these new programs, and the quick time frame for assignments. I took a photography class among art courses in high school, but really haven’t had a creative outlet since, so I found it challenging to tap back into that side of myself. And while I have complained my entire way through this course to my friends, I really have learned a lot this semester. When I worked on all of the assignments and casually told my friends some of the things I had to do, they were amazed that I was able to write and understand code for a website or that I would be able to take audio from an interview and match it with video. I’m kind of impressed to with what I now know how to do too, however I am still not in love with most of my projects.  It was challenging to create each project while learning how to use each program.  I recognize that there are so many possibilities with each, but feel like I might not even know some of the abilities they have still.  I guess this is where the DIY blogs really came in handy.  Everyone shared tricks that others may not have known were even possible.

I liked my idea for my photo narrative the best, and so far I think it is my strongest project.  The video remix was a fun project that I think turned out well too, but it was super tedious finding clips and putting everything together! My least favorite project is definitely my video documentary, and it shows.  It is my revision piece and I would like to turn it into something I can be more proud of.

Overall, I learned a lot from this course and spent a lot of time on it.  I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to use many of these forms of digital media in my professional career besides coding.  But I do like knowing that I have the ability to create a wide range of media, and it will certainly give me an edge in understanding technology as the world continues to progress in this digital age.

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