Eternal Marks

We all dream about being part of a revolution: making an eternal mark on the world. If we didn’t  we wouldn’t be human. We all hope to be remembered. This hope is like a tiny thread connecting us to the conscious world; cut it, and we are unhinged. Take away all hopes, and a human becomes something unrecognizable. All that we know and all that we are is defined by our hopes.

Imagine all religions are fictitious. After life, there is nothing. Everyone turns off like a spent light bulb, and there is no heaven or hell. In this world, a person is reduced to the ideas and feelings that he put out for others to experience. Those are his only eternal marks on the world. Ever since the beginning of man, we have been striving in new ways to carve these marks into the world. In the beginning, they were physical: a pyramid, a tombstone, a sign… but those were limited by physical proximity. Only those that passed these monuments were truly affected by their presence. Now, we create digital marks: eternal carvings in a non-physical space that is immediately and simultaneously accessible to any and all corners of the globe.

This class has given me the tools to become part of this digital revolution. It has given me the ability to communicate on a global scale. The inherent hope in me to leave a mark on this world has been fueled, and I am excited about putting that to use.

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