Dear CDM

Oh composing digital media, sometimes I loved you, sometimes I loathed you!!
You were the bane of my existence throughout this semester, a thorn in my side, a hole in the bottom of my ice cream cone, but some how, in the end, I think we managed to get through unscathed.
At times I felt so frustrated by our tumultuous relationship. I wanted to give up on you, but every time I said I was going to quit something kept me coming back for more. Is that normal?
I appreciated your educational content, and at times I was actually proud of a project’s final results.
I suppose in the end I can say I’m taking something away from you, something I can use in my future career as a young professional, and I thank you for that.
So it’s almost time to say good-bye to one another. I can’t say I would go on this ride again, but I certainly did appreciate the time we shared together.


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