Adding the bowtie on the Present

As the world is rapidly changing, the usage of technology has taken over our lives. It has taken over our lives whether one thinks it is good or bad. Before enrolling in the Composing Digital Media class, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew nothing about programs that we used and I especially did not know how to write the code for my own website. When I was assigned my first project, I started to second guess myself on the course. Coming up with an idea for my projects was by far the most challenging task throughout the year.  The ideas for my projects all basically revolved around me and my life. Executing the projects was hard at times but with practice the different programs I used were easier to use that I thought they would be. Two programs that I will use in the future are Photoshop and Adobe Premiere pro. I think learning these two programs are a big help in my education.  Well Adobe Premiere more for education, while Photoshop is more personal use. I can use Photoshop to edit photos that are taking of me and I can put them on different social networks. On a side note, using twitter as part of the class has actually made the class easier at times. I am always on social networks like instagram, Facebook, and twitter.  So using it for class was not a hard transition. Adobe premiere pro will help in a lot of my classes in the future. In my opinion, making videos as a presentation for classes will give me an edge in classes compared to other people. One big thing I will take from this class is my time management skills. This class always had big projects due here and there but it also had small tasks due every week. Those small tasks help me train myself to remember to do the little things for everything, not just the class. Learning all these different programs and using social media is a different way to approach teaching. As the years pass, I think more and more classes will incorporate the current trends in social media. It will help revolutionize the learning process for sure.

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