5 Things Learned About the “Virtue”

Composing digital media…. even though it seems self explanatory, it took weeks to define. I’d like to reflect on the things that I’ve learned about Patience Carroll during the past three and a half months or so.


1)      She has absolutely no idea how to “unlearn” things. Fact. She had heard the term “unlearn” before and thought… how is that even a word? What is the necessity of “unlearning” something? Well, learning HTML around the year 2001 and trying to figure out how to compose a decent website with CSS3 in 2013 unmasked that concept for her. No matter what, she kept leaning on what she already knew rather than taking the new skills and methods for what they were- something totally different. Although she became moderately confident in the end, getting HTML and CSS to “talk to each other” (as Trisha puts it) was unexpectedly difficult to comprehend. This is one of her ‘littlest in scope’ but ‘largest in psychology’ successes of the semester.

2)      She really misses high school! What? How did every single project in this class somehow come back to reflecting on high school experiences? The photo narrative was a given- over ten pictures of her high school and an emotional description of what that building signified. Then we look at the audio documentary, which is less obvious, but totally had an undertone of worrying about the future’s uncertainty. The undocumentary featured social media woes, basically stemming from her fear that all of those pictures that people she barely talks to snapped of her drinking underage at house parties in high school are now going to bite her in the ass. What an idiot. Last, the meme remix. This might be totally unrelated and consequently the most creative of the semester’s projects- kick rocks, high school! You are weighing her down! Graduating in 2009 and again in 2013 is a surreal, fantastic, stressful, and indescribable mess of feelings!

3)      She’s unoriginal. But wait- THAT’S OKAY GUYS! Did you know that almost everything is unoriginal now? Do you know the difference between unoriginality and inspiration? She realizes now that much of the things she thought were unique or creative ideas that she had “come up with” in the past were likely subconscious recreations or borrowed ideas from other things she had seen. However, she now knows that she can take those things and manipulate them in ways that the original authors had never dreamed of. You know what comes out of that remix? Something original. She’d also like to thank her classmates and professor for unimaginable bouts of inspiration, and also some of jealousy, over the creative ingeniousness that she was surrounded by.

4)      She is a fast learner! She might have already known that, but she never put it to the test. Dreamweaver, CSS, Audacity, the newest version of Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Mac computers, various websites – some people would take a semester long course on just ONE of these technologies, but she managed to become competent in all of them in just a few short months! (By the way, did you know CCAC offers a class on Pinterest? Just Pinterest… WTF). She’s extremely proud of not giving up on any of these programs and hopes to learn more about them in the future. Seriously, how fun is Premiere Pro? And forget the tutorials and Google… watch the ones that tell you how to open the program, then skip the rest and figure it out on your own! It’s so much more fun and rewarding!

5)      She is extremely lucky. Luck – not a new concept, but one not everyone believes in. Also fact. To be able to share the same space to bump heads and coexist with some of the most creative, intelligent, entertaining, and comedic people she has ever met is something that no university class can guarantee. It was truly a lucky experience to meet so many unique and well rounded people to work with and create with even when the tasks seemed unnecessarily stressful. There’s no way to “make your own luck” in a situation where you have a never-ending syllabus of work ahead of you and dull people to commiserate with, but with an environment that you look forward to being in every day the work becomes less of a burden and more of an experience.

I hope this is just the beginning of what we learn about her.


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University of Pittsburgh Class of 2013 I hood a lot and I nerd some. Hood's where the heart is, nerd's where the words from.
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