Hello Me,

You did some nice work. Nice. Not great. Not even good. Just . . . nice.

The Photo Narrative was a good try. Safe, but good. You’re not a photographer, so that quality is iffy, but the idea is solid enough, if a little easy to digest. It’s kind of the ginger ale and crackers of your work. Bland, simple, but still approachable.

The Audio Documentary has more promise. Obviously your strong point. Better interview material and more time could help this. Starting to get a deeper sense of the man behind the work, but still at arms length. This is kind of like the Goldfish snacks of your work, tasty, but still lacking substance.


The Video (Un-)Documentary is getting closer. Again, this is a strong point for you (especially after just wrapping up onΒ Dawn Ave), and the emotion is much more pronounced in this piece. There is a definite connection between the work and the man who made it. Let’s call this one the McDonald’s Dollar Menu of your work. It’s definitely you, but not a very satisfying version.


The Meme Remix Video.Β Now we’re getting somewhere. This is probably the most honest piece thus far. Captures your energy and vigor quite nicely. Technically, this one is a bit weaker. More time spent on gathering materials and editing would have helped a lot on this. You’ve done way better remixes than this. This is a burnt Angus steak, delicious and juicy, but something went wrong during preparation.


The Meme Video Remix Artist Statement is awful. Good try though with trying to key out the white background. (Note: there’s a reason it’s called a green or blue screen, not a white screen). It’s obvious that this was just tacked on at the last minute, but has some light humor and cynicism that is more natural than your tone in most of these pieces. Also, stop trying to pretend you are a screen actor. Every time you get in front of a camera, it’s a certified disaster. Stick with audio recording and video editing πŸ˜› This is the mint they leave on your pillow in a hotel. It’s a nice gesture, but essentially it’s worthless.


The website. Meh, you’ve always had a love/hate relationship with HTML/CSS. It’s great that you experimented with some different styles. And you finally got Adobe Go Live to boot without throwing error messages all the time! Thanks for small miracles. Overall, website is pretty weak, but adventurous. Buff it up and it could be really nice. This is the crappy styrofoam container your meal comes in. Clean it up and it could be a silver platter.


Overall, it seems you were hesitant to truly express yourself, which is ironic considering this course centered around vulnerability. Get back to the core essence of Charlie. This is something you need to do, not just in your work, but in your life. You spent a lot of time appealing to others. Now it’s time to appeal to yourself.

You accomplished the goals of the course competently, but maybe not completely. They lack honesty. They’re not dishonest, but they certainly aren’t naked to the world either. Work on that, be more confident in yourself. Why are people like George Carlin and Louis C.K. so interesting? Because they’re honest. They’re not trying to impress anyone, they say what they need to say, what they feel the rest of the world needs to hear, regardless of whether the world actually gives a crap.

Do that, and you should be alright.


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Butcher. Baker. Candlestick Maker. And world-class cheese. http://www.cerrax.com
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