How can something so right be considered to be so wrong?

I thought this documentary was really interesting. When it comes to these multi billion dollar companies it seems fairly obvious that this is a situation in which power is the dominant force. Throwing their weight around so that the little people, the common folks on the other side feels the brunt of the force.

It’s not about expressing yourself creatively anymore, it’s about who your “ripping” off. Music has being remixed for as long as I can remember. Artists borrow ideas from other artists as inspiration for their own music, and this is wrong? Everything we listen to, everything that is out there has been influenced by something else. We are not shut off from the outside world, we hear, we see, even subconsciously we are being influenced by sound even if we don’t automatically notice it.
I remember back in the day David Bowie was suing Vanilla Ice for taking his “Under Pressure” beat and mixing it to make “Ice Ice Baby”, which Vanilla Ice claims to this day that it is a completely different beat, that is just one of various examples of what I’ll call “subconscious retainment.”
Anyway, that just goes to show you that creation feeds off each other. In college everyone has been forced to be in a brainstorming secession. I was under the impression that this is a positive way to build creative thoughts off one another, so why all of a sudden has creative expression become copyrighted?
I understand the copyright laws, someone needs to make money when their idea is taken, and you should ask permission yedeyedeyada… but the artist… the one who is actually making and creating this music no longer has rights to it anyway.
For example in the Manifesto Radiohead gives out their music as a free download on their website, and the company that owns the rights to their music goes out and tries to sue the people that make them money in the first place… To me this just seems backwards.
Obviously I am biased in this situation, I don’t know what its like to be on the power tripping side, I don’t know what its like to be an artist, who has sold their soul to the dark side and lost the rights to my music, it must be hard, i’m not doubting that.
But I can say that as an artist I would be absolutely flattered if another artist like Girl Talk remixed my music. I find it especially cool that they are giving new life to the really old stuff like Queen and the Jackson 5.
Maybe if they called it “recycling” vs. “remixing” it would enable “recyclists” like Girl Talk to stay out of the spot light and they could keep rocking out without the negative implications… only in a perfect world.

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