The past and the future in terms of creativity are very different. In 2013, we live in a world where it is almost impossible to be original. Almost every though has already been written and every quote has been said. With this in mind, there needs to spawn new ways of creativity that aren’t one hundred percent original, but have an original quality. The most obvious evidence of the originality drought in the twenty first century is cinema. Movies today are almost all remakes if they aren’t extremely similar to a former film or based on a true story. The Great and Powerful Oz? G.I. Joe? How many Batman movies are there? I’m not saying that these movies are bad because they are remakes, but I’m trying to convey the point that they are unoriginal. They are still creative, they’re still new, and they’re still (in many cases) making a pretty penny at the box office.


RiP: A Remix Manifesto is a perfect example of what new methods of creativity are being employed now in order to combat the impossibility of creating something original. The subject of the film is largely focused on the artist Girl Talk who uses pieces of popular songs made by other famous artists, manipulates those pieces of songs, and fuses them with other songs in order to create his music. This, like most technological and creative advances creates a gray area for copyright laws and should cost Girl Talk hundreds of thousands of dollars per song that he creates. Remixing original works or creating mash ups is somewhat illegal, but Girl Talk does more than simply take certain hooks or samples from songs. Often, he uses pieces that are fractions of a second long or remasters the piece of sound completely.


In the future, creativity will evolve yet again. As music genres like dubstep and electronic music become more popular we are reminded that there isn’t an end to creativity. Though originality is difficult to come across now, the future of music and artistry in general isn’t a dead end.


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University of Pittsburgh Class of 2013 I hood a lot and I nerd some. Hood's where the heart is, nerd's where the words from.
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