The purpose of a remix or someone changing an original work, is to make the new work better and different. While remixes are an attempt at creating a greater piece of art, it raises many difficult questions in our capitalist society that we live in where everyone is trying to get paid. The artists of these original works can sometimes feel the same way a person who got their 2001 dodge neon stolen to later see it driving down the street with a new paint job, rims, and neon lighting underneath. In the documentary RiP: A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor, he highlights the creations that artist Girl Talk creates, which consist of a variety of songs that he did not create mashed up together into one giant song. This raises the question of whether he has the right to use these to create a totally different entity. The hardest part about determining copyright cases is figuring out at which point their becomes infringement because if a song uses a ten second soundbite from a movie, that is not typically deemed infringement so there is no clear cut answer on what constitutes it.

The relationship between past and future is a tricky case to define as I believe the past has earned it’s place in history, while the main point of the past is so we can learn from it and make our lives better because of it. The relationship between new and remix becomes cloudier everyday as artists want to build on success and the easiest way is to look to the past and see what worked before and replicate it.

The copyright woman in the film actually states “I’m amazed at what he is doing” when she watches him creating one of his mashups. This quote shows that people who outside of the artist community think that people like Girl Talk just steal other peoples work and call it his own while in reality he is putting in a lot of work and though into it. I think creativity has always been attempted to be stifled by laws, and that all growth ultimately comes from another’s demise and this has been the case in cultures around the world for thousands of years.

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