Remix, Blog 12 – Dylan Mercer

The documentary RiP: A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor (2008) gives a beautiful love hate relationship between the past and the now/future. On one hand the past gives us culture and foundations. On the other the past is irritable and constantly trying to control the future. The Past/Future in this Documentary seems to be based on the Internet becoming mainstream. Seems like a good time divider, Post Internet world is radically different than pre internet. Mainly due to the ease of transferring thoughts & ideas to each other. Which brings us to the Remixing. Remix is taking old media and turning it into something new, recreating it. This illustrates the passion of sharing ideas, taking other ideas, making it your, putting it back out to be reused and on. A lot of people don’t seem to be so on board with the idea of “just sharing” ideas for free. This Documentary does a great job of demonstrating the absurdity of “the past” not wanting to share ideas for free by showing victims of lawsuits for copyrighting. A sweet child day care center got sued by Disney, a sweet Priest got sued during the Napster times. Lawyer Lawrence Lessig protects peoples right to freely use media. He is also the inspiration for this film and huge influence in copyright law. One of his comments that really hits home is the we can’t stop people from taking things and remaking art with them we can only criminalize it. But what good is that? Why have more laws and restrictions when we could not? Still, the “past” would argue for the idea of Intellectual Property. Which doesn’t sound bad. But it’s not in the spirit of humans to horde. It seems that the Internet is taking us in a very collective direction in which literacy is defined in creation and recreation of the culture around us. Brazil is the poster child for this revolution.

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