New Era of Music

One of the biggest problems today that many producers have to look out for is the legal aspect of their work. In past, the rules were not as strict as they are now. Now if anything one person produces is closely similar to something that has been copyrighted, that person can be sued. As the man was producing a song in the documentary, he showed different things he did to change a song into his own. He changes things like arrangement of notes, add new notes, repetition of notes, pitch changes, layering of notes, slowing down of notes, and speeding up of notes to change the song as the whole. He explains it as taking a “familiar Beatles melody and changing it and adding a new guitar pedal sound on it and calling it your own.” Doing that will avoid any copyright infringement; a lady described it as “taking something that was and turning it into something that isn’t.” In 2007, Radiohead left their record to be sold out on the internet and let their fans decide how much to buy it for. 3 weeks later a DJ started to remix it, and soon later, he received a letter threatening a lawsuit. But it wasn’t the band that sent the lawsuit; it was the publishing company Warner Chappell. Radiohead was independent, and told Warner to “backoff.” There was no lawsuit; Radiohead released raw versions of their songs so people come remix their songs. After that the “wall fell down between musicians, remixes, and fans.” Because of that, they say that music is “back in the hands of the people.” Despite the people trying to enforce the copyright laws, there are more loop holes through that. Now people can make their own music and anybody can be famous. A fan characterized now to be the “greatest era for music.”swedish-house-mafia

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