Blog Post #12: Remix

(This post needs to be 300 words for full credit)

“Creativity is no longer, as we said, re-inventing the wheel, which does not remove creativity but shifts it to the assemblage: Take what already exists and make something else, something that works to solve problems in new, local contexts.” -J. Johnson-Eilola and S.A. Selber, “Plagiarism, Originality, Assemblage”

Using the documentary RiP: A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor (2008), please thoughtfully discuss the relationship between past and future along with the relationship between new and remix. What does it mean to create something new according to this documentary? What might that mean for culture? For futures?  For creativity? You need to stick closely to the text, using quotes or examples from the documentary for your discussion.

You might also consider the role of the archive, plagiarism, the role of copyright, and what it means to “compose” in this mode, as you explore the elements above.

Basic writing advice: Steer clear of cliches or commonplace thinking as you write, and don’t be afraid to end your post without a pretty bow or clear answer.

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