Half Speed

My Premiere trick is how to speed up half of the frame while keeping one half real time. At first this seemed like it was going to be very hard to figure out, but I tried because I really wanted something like it in my video. Then when I realized “LAYERS,” I got excited. Being able to use layers really really helps in this trick. Ok so now I’ll tell you how to do it….. First you need to choose a scene that will work, the part that you want to stay real time has to never cross the sped up portion because it will be a pain in the ass and it will never look absolutely perfect. So to do this you need to put the portion of video that you are working with in layer one. Then put the same video in layer two. While the layer two video is selected, you need to crop the part out that you want to be real time. To do this, use the crop effect found in video transitions in the transform folder. Make sure the video does not have parts of the real time subject in it. Once you are sure of your cropping skills, you have to speed up that layer. You can use the time remapping effect in the effects control panel or I like to just right click and select speed/duration. Then speed it up however fast you would like it to be. This change will make the clip shorter, so you might need to make the layer one shorter, or not depending on what you are trying to do. Just think ahead if you are trying to do this. 

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