Film Dissolve

In filmmaking, it is important to use good video techniques, audio voiceovers, and other things to make your video progression look smooth and put together. One thing, though, that really meshes videos together, and is sometimes gets forgotten about in the midst of editing everything else is transitioning. Transitions blend the end of one shot together with the beginning of another to make your film run together seamlessly. Today, I am going to teach you how to use what I have found to be my favorite transition in Adobe Premiere Pro, the Film Dissolve effect.


First, import your video clips that you will want to be editing and put them in the order you want in the sequence editor.

Then, look at the editing box in the bottom left corner of the Adobe Premiere Pro screen.

At the top of the box, you will see numerous tabs (Media Browser, Info, History, etc.). Find and click the “Effects” tab, then click the “Video Transitions” drop down folder. Then, click on the “Dissolve” drop down folder, and finally you will find the “Film Dissolve” option.


film dissolve


Next, click on the Film Dissolve effect and drag it to both the END of your first clip and the BEGINNING of the second. This step is extremely crucial! If you do not add the effect to both clips, it simply does not work correctly. Here is an example of what this transition looks like with two video clips– the first being cars driving on a highway, and the second a shot of a river bank.


actual transition

As always, you will want to render the clip when you are done editing. To render it, you want to go to the menu bar at the top of the computer screen and click the “Sequence” drop down menu. Then, click “Render Effects in Work Area”.




… and thats it! Enjoy.


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