DIY: layering video to color correct

When I started editing some of my footage, I was unhappy with the coloring because of the lighting.  The colors looked dull and had a greenish hue.  Here is how I enhanced the appearance.

I first used the three-way color corrector effect to normalize the color tone.  Three color wheels appear in the effects control that allow you to precisely adjust shadows, midtones, and highlights, or you can check the box that says Master which locks the three wheels so they adjust together.


Then I duplicated the clip I was editing by selecting and copying it. Then pasted it into the sequence. Next unlink the copy from its audio because we will overlay the videos. This tool can be found under Clip. Delete the copy of the audio. Then drag the copy of the video and drop it into Video 2.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 1.09.48 AM

Now I selected the second clip and went to opacity in the effects control panel. For the blend mode, I selected soft light from the drop down menu. At 100% opacity this looks extremely saturated, but the image colors look more accurately flesh-tone than green. To make it appear more natural, I decreased the opacity with the slider down to around 25%.  This kept the colors lively without being to harsh and kept the shadows dark. You can compare the difference by toggling the track output on and off in Video 2.

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