Ken burns effect

The Ken burns effect is a popular video effect that is usually applied to still images to give them movement. You can use this keep people’s attention on still images so they are not just showing on the screen. You can easily do this to still images in Adobe Premiere Pro. Its done by using key frames.  

Start by clicking on the photo you’d like to add this effect to.

Open the effects control window, click the stopwatch next to position and scale.


Place your cursor at the beginning of the picture. Click the white diamond at the end of the position field to start your key frame. Do the same for scale. Scale and move your image how you would like it to appear in the beginning of the effect.


Now move your cursor to the end of the image frame. Click the white diamonds again and position and scale the picture how you would like to to look at the end.


This will make your image move and scale over time to create the effect that is it moving. 

You can also save this effect as a preset so you can apply it to multiple different images by pressing the drop down menu above the effects menu and clicking save preset. 

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