DIY: Highlighting part of the frame.

Adobe premiere pro offers different ways to enhance your images. Editing the images will wow your viewers and they will be more interested in your video!

One of the things you can do to your images is highlighting a part of it.

To do this, you must darken the whole frame besides the one specific area that you want to highlight.

To do this, there are a few simple steps to follow.

First, place your video clip on the timeline.

Now take the Current Time Indicator, which is the little blue arrow on the time line, and create a new title.


Now you must check the Show video box so you can see the video below the title.

Using the shape tools, you now must make a shape that covers over the area of the frame that you want to highlight.

You must now set the Fill color of the shape to a dark color; you do this in the title properties window.

Now to make sure the other parts of the frame is not highlight you must create a black rectangle shape that covers the whole frame. After that, right click on the rectangle and select “Arrange-Send to Back.” This will put the black rectangle behind the first shape that you made.

Now place the title on the timeline right above the video clip.

It’s time to adjust the opacity of the title so that it has the right transparency, 40-50 % should be around what you need. Now apply the Color Key effect to the title by Effects-Video effects-Keying.

Now set the key color to whatever color you were using earlier.

Adjust everything under key color until the highlighted area looks about right.highlight-effect

After that, part of your frame should be highlighted!

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