At first, as I was watching “Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time” I thought that it was going to be something like those commercials you see asking for “just 10 cents a day.” This was due to the fact that there were a bunch of kids sleeping on a grimy floor in a dark light that made everything look grimier. But as I kept watching I realized it was a documentary following a young kid through his day, starting very early in the morning. It wasn’t something that was trying to say that this kid needed help, but, rather, it showed how capable this kid was to taking care of himself, no matter what or how much time it took in a day. This was portrayed by not having a narrator to force a bias to the story. There was no one to say this poor kid or something like that. In fact, there was not really any music or taking from the main character. This helped to portray nothing but the atmosphere around Amar and Amar’s daily routine with no distraction. It allowed the viewer to watch his routine and to be immersed in it, instead of just listening to a story about it. When Amar did speak he did not speak into the camera, but read something in English to his teacher, which only reinforced to the viewer of his dedication to learning and taking care of his self. Another thing that was done in this documentary was to display the time at the bottom of the screen. This allowed the viewer to see how long Amar was working on something; it showed the viewer his daily routine. Without it, it would be hard to imagine how long Amar’s day actually was. I for one do not understand how he could wake up so early without going to bed at 6 pm like I would have to. 

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