Blog 10 – Video Documentary Bad Analysis – Dylan Mercer 3/6/13

My Video Analysis is probably squat since I don’t know anything about video editing or what they are even trying to do. I have taken exactly 1 art class and since then I can never look at a picture the same. Much like in “A Brief History of John Baldessari” and flashing through art, I am always looking for the triangulation of colors, the movement of the eye, the contrast, how is it making me feel, the colors, the actual art, etc. For movies (right now) all I have in my repertoire is “am I bored” “am I not bored” and that’s about it. Even worse, my perception of boredom is time intervals between people getting punched in the face. And NO ONE got punched in the face in these movies.

So on my analysis goes…. a lot of these movies like, Almar or the Odysseus use a lot of silent parts of the film. I like this dramatification of situations and plan on using it myself. There did seem to be a lot of heavy editing and cutaways. Scenes just flashing in your face in Odysseus and A Brief History. Not always making it clear what’s supposed to connect and what’s not. Viewing could be a little bit easier. But something about Artist keeps them away from the obvious. All in all they were all good. Coming together in the end. That’s another thing noticed, a lot of information was given close to the end. Allowing the viewer to be confused at times.

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