video documentary

Documentary storytelling is yet another way to express ourselves. The way I see it, this new medium is a combination of all the others we have used beforehand. It is like taking a trillion pictures and placing them one right after another, then adding audio as well.  It is a powerful thing, though, and the combination can express those feelings that words, pictures, or sound alone cannot. Also, video gives you many options such as camera angles, film subjects, and most importantly, modes of documentary representation. In his article, Representing Reality, Bill Nichols says “each mode deploys the resources of narrative and realism differently.”  The way you lay out a story for your audience is of utmost importance, and figuring out which mode best suits the mood you want the viewers to feel is what I have found, after these readings, to be the best way convey your emotions through video.

Also, documentary storytelling is something I want to record with my heart truly into it. In Sheila Curran Bernard’s article , “Making Stronger and More Dramatic Nonfiction Films” a man who created a documentary about his brother dying in a ski accident is interviewed and explains that since the subject of his documentary was very emotionally close to him, it was hard but he told a great story and took his time with laying out his idea in a way that would show how his brother affected him, and made sure it would effect other people too. That is the thing I believe to be the single most important thing about filmmaking. What good is a story that does not affect other people? Also, he explains that he took a very long time editing because he was so emotionally affected by it. Although that seems like an issue, I see it as a great thing in the end because he took his time with editing, and made sure he got everything he wanted and more out of his work.

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