Story telling at its finest

A documentary, to me, is a way to tell a compelling, nonfiction story.
In doing so an author can use a variety of different mediums, which include, but are not limited to: printed material, photography or video.
The awesome thing about documentaries is that you can film real people, in the real world, doing real things. I really like the idea of observational documentary, or documenting things like a “fly on the wall” I think it is especially powerful to see people in their natural state with little embellishments… that is one of the main differences in documentation and studio filming. In your documentary you can be immersed in your environment, letting your surroundings paint the prefect picture of the story you’re trying to tell.

I like the idea of a documentary road map, which takes you from beginning to end, on a journey through a story that someone wants to tell you.
Before now I was not really all that familiar with documentaries, but I feel like it would be a really interesting medium to be able to express something profound, letting you viewer go along for a ride, and sharing something personal with them.

This is a shot in the dark because I’ve never heard of an un-documentary before, but perhaps an un-documentary would be documenting a current event?… Something that is not history but is ongoing?

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