Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

Like all mediums, Saari explains documentary filmography as “a way to tell a story.” Documentary storytelling means organizing a story using real-life events; It is the practice of using moving images of real instances to convey some message to your audience.Reality comes in incomprehensible clumps: every moment has innumerable possible camera angles and infinite contextual perspectives; for every dropped ice cream cone there is a sentient trans-dimensional being disguised as a scoop of ice cream who is relieved at a young boy’s misfortune (or whatever).  It is the job of the filmmaker to organize reality in such a way that it tells a cohesive story–so that all the relevant aspects are explored and a clear story is told.

The interesting element of documentaries is that they often incorporate text or single vocal tracks over still images (usually of some datum or a relevant landscape picture). In this way it combines many elements of other mediums (text, audio, picture, etc.). If done well, this is extremely effective. Documentaries as a medium allow you to access the most effective uses of communication available. In addition to structuring your interviews and revising the raw footage into a story, you’re also attacking your audience from a number of angles.

I understand (or misunderstand, really) un-documentaries to be documentation of the previously undocumented.  For instance, a documentary following a day in the life of a sentient trans-dimensional being that is disguised as a  scoop of ice cream would be (fairly) unworn Earth. However this definition strikes me as flawed as the act of documenting (if not the documentaries as artifacts) suggests a venturing interest–an uncharted air. It could be that un-documentaries are some meta sub category of documentaries: documents about documentaries in which you unravel the concept of documentaries for some documentary anarchy cause; like some crazy Dada acid trip of Being John Malkovich in which Malkovich its a sentient cosmic ice cream scoop–the entire thing is directed by him, and aimed at dismantling everything we hold dear about documentary film making.

At any rate, put this in your pipe and smoke it:

-VBS out

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