So this is what happened

Documenting storytelling encompasses a broad base of routes to connect listener to the teller, more importantly the story. We tell a bountiful supply of stories to varied audiences day to day. During which, we are trying to tell the listener the events that occurred, what you were thinking and what you were feeling during the situation. The storyteller wants to capture the listener’s attention and hold it throughout the story so not a single detail is lost. This puts the listener into the story that they are telling; the visual details obviously being an exception.

This medium also adds the visual cues of the story that could not be told with words. By documenting the storyteller, you get to see what their physical reactions, gestures, or just plainly their facial emotions that they are expressing during the story. “[T]here are different story lines going on so the audience is forced to question what they’re seeing and where they’re going, and where their preconceptions are taking them” (Saari 343). This process of storytelling is able to affect the viewers on all levels of interest.

As for what an undocumentary is, I would have to believe that it is something similar to what Per Saari did during his documentary. He is doing a documentary on his brother’s life and questions that Per does not know the answer to. He is uncovering the truth about his brother while shooting from the hip. You get to see his reactions like a live recording so that you are practically in the same state of mind that Per Saari is in. “So it actually was true drama unfolding” (Saari 343). So I think that doing an undocumentary would be on something that you do not have experiences with. It would be quite interesting unravel those story scrolls.


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Jake is a Mathematics Major at University of Pittsburgh with plans to become a teacher.
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