Story Time

I can say confidently that everybody loves a quality story. I can also say that most people would rather have someone read a story to them rather than just reading it by their selves. A lot of people would also rather watch a video on something rather than read about it. It is just how our generation acts with all the technology now a days.

Using videos “addresses the viewer directly” and using a “voice of god” approach to narration will attract viewers to continue viewing one’s video rather than skip through majority of the video. Using things like that to tell a story through a documentary are key. You want your viewers to feel interactive with what they are about to watch and you want them to enjoy listening to it also.

Depending on what story you are trying to tell will depend on how much footage one should use. In my eyes I can picture two types of documentaries that speak strongly. One is a documentary that uses straight raw footage and minimal editing. This type shows more of a true life situation, where one can put themselves in someone else’s shoes. The next one would be using multiples shots and editing them to the max so the documentary is to perfection. Some people who have made documentaries have used “65 tapes, which is approximately 45 hours.” With 45 hours of footage there is no stopping how far the documentary can go. But in my opinion the raw footage one is the best for engaging your viewer, especially if the viewer is a very similar person to the maker of the documentary.????????????????????????????

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