Don’t reinvent the wheel

You guys are all so amazing at this HTML and CSS business, I’m so jealous, I want my websites to look like all of yours when it grows up!!!

Since I am not amazing at HTML or CSS, and I have a lot to learn about both programs, I wanted share something that I learned while trying to trouble shoot my own problems formatting images.

I was having a lot of issues trying to upload my images for my photo narrative project. I formatted everything in Photoshop the way I was taught to format them, and still the pictures were coming up on my website with a big red X. WTF I thought to myself, and felt completely deflated blahhhhh. What next?

I went to the tutoring lab to try to figure out why on earth the photos weren’t uploading. The tutor that day looked over all my coding, and still couldn’t figure out the problem. Everything was linked the way it was suppose to be linked, and it was uploaded to the right place on my webpage.

Then it occurred to me, don’t reinvent the wheel!! I uploaded my images on to my flickr account, and used the HTML coded link (which formats your photo AND gives you an HTML link),and plugged that HTML link into my website. Genius!

I am absolutely not, not, not computer savvy, so I thought this was just the coolest trick ever. It’s the little things that matter, especially when stupid things, like formatting images, give you so much trouble!!

Just a quick tip in case you run into the same formatting issues I did. Hope this helps someone! Tootles!

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