Creating a mouse-over prompt with HTML

Is there some sort of text on your web page that you really want the user to read, but think it may be getting overlooked? One way to make sure the user reads your text is to use simple HTML code to create a “prompt”. A prompt is essentially a pop-up box that requires the user to click “ok” or “cancel” to return to viewing the web page. Some uses for a prompt could be a simple welcome message to the site, a warning about the content of the site, or a caption. This blog post will show you the simple code that can be used to create a prompt on your website whenever a user mouses over an image or link.

This is the code to use for creating a prompt when the user mouses over an image. Inside the hyperlink code (the A HREF code) replace the text between the apostrophes with whatever you’d like the prompt to say. In this case, I use: “You can place a caption for a photo here! Or give credit to the artist, etc.”

Now whenever the user mouses over the image, they receive a prompt like this:

You can use the next code in order to create a prompt when the website user mouses over a link.

Just like creating the previous mouseover prompt, change the value between the apostrophes to whatever you’d like the prompt to say. The text between the “<A HREF=’’’>” and “</A>” brackets should be the text that creates the prompt when moused over. Here’s what it will look like:

The prompt will come up when the user puts their mouse over the linked text.

That’s call! Credit to for teaching me this.


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