It’s Paulstretching Time!

Let’s say that there’s a small part of your audio clip that’s a little hard to hear. Your interviewee is speaking just a little too fast and you want to inspect a word they say at a very slow speed. Or maybe you want to turn part of your audio into a Gregorian chant that will add a cool zen flavor to your documentary. You could just slow down the speed of your clip. But that will make your sound sound weird and pitchy. You don’t want that. Fortunately there’s a solution just for you. You can slow the speed of the piece without altering the pitch. It’s paulstretching time!

Paulstretching is really easy to use, even for an audio amateur like me. Begin by simply selecting the portion of audio that you’d like to slow down. Then you have to select your Stretch Factor. Your stretch factor multiplies the length of your selection by the the Stretch Factor. So a five-minute selection combined with a Stretch factor of three, will create a fifteen-minute final product.

The only other option to select is the Time Resolution. A low value will give you better rhythm, at the price of distorted frequency. Larger values have the opposite problem. The automatic value of 0.25 seemed to work well for my needs.

Paulstretching offers a very different way of approaching your audio selection. This might be a good way of breaking up the monotony of listening to your piece over and over again. Hear what you recorded in slow motion might give you the creative insight you were desperately searching for.


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