Importing files from Itunes

Believe it or not, the iTunes Library is not a collection of actual files. In reality it is a collection of links to the actual physical location of the files on your computer’s hard drive. To view the actual location of your iTunes files and what format they are in there are two different ways to find it.

  1. Right-click or control-click over the file in the iTunes window
  2. Click “Get Info”
  3. Look in the line that says “Where” near the bottom. This gives the full path to the file, and the file format is given at the end of the file path.

In Tunes 7 and later it is a bit different:

  1. Right click or control-click over the file in the iTunes window
  2. Click “Show in Windows Explorer” or “Show in Finder”
  3. The new window will have the file selected in the correct folder. Now right-click the file and hit “Properties” to show the file details.
  4. itunes

Now that you know how to find that, here are some simple instructions on importing primarily mp3 files into audacity. In a simple four step process you can import files in audacity. First click file, then import, then audio in audacity. Now you must find where the file of the media you want to import. This is where the usage of finding the file details in iTunes is used. Now simply click on the file and open it and it should be imported into your audacity and ready to be edited.

Note that in the latest versions or iTunes and audacity and windows you can drag the file straight from iTunes to audacity.

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