How to isolate the vocals in a song

I found that there were not many major aspects of Audacity that were not already covered and this is basically a reverse of the post about removing the vocals in a song, but i believe this can be equally helpful.

The most important steps of this process is acquiring both the regular song and the instrumental version, which I know is difficult but they are out there.                               (having the highest quality instrumental file available is essential in order for the finished product to turn out well.)

  • First, go into your music library choose the song and right click open with  Audacity.    Untitled
  • Next, go file, import, audio and then choice the instrumentals.


  • Then, zoom in and make sure your files line up together.( use the magnifying tool)
  • Once the wave lengths of the songs match up well, Click on the instrumental version and then click the effect tab and then invert. (The most important task in this entire project is zooming in and dragging the audio files, using the time shift files, in order for them to match-up)


  • For good measure, click on the instrumental version and on the minus plus bar on the right side, shift the bar way towards the minus size.
  • That is all it takes, it is not a perfect process as it basically just quiets the background and allows the vocals to be more prominent, but if you do not want to commit to downloading a plug in to do it for you this is the best option available.
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