DIY: Recording Two Sound Sources on Separate Tracks

Step 1:

Click on the “Edit” tab and then click on the last option listed (this option should be labeled as “Preferences”). A new sub-GUI window will appear with multiple tabs along the top. Select the tab labeled “Audio I/O”. Make sure that the “Record in Stereo” option is checked. If it isn’t, then go ahead and check the option.


Step 2:

Next, connect one sound source to the left channel of your soundcard and connect a second sound source to the right channel of your soundcard. If you don’t own or have access to an external mixer with a “pan control”, use a stereo, mono splitter cable to achieve the same effect.

Step 3:

For the third step, simply record your stereo track (…the big red record button).

Step 4:

Look at the Audacity GUI until you find the button with the track name listed as a drop-down menu. Click the drop-down menu and select the option labeled as “Split Stereo Track”. An image is provided below to assist those who need more guidance.


  • Step 5:


Step 5 is very similar to step 4. Once again, click on the same drop-down menu that was clicked on in step 4. This time, however, select the option that is labeled as “Change Each Track to Mono”.


  1. To position sounds in the stereo image simply use the pan control on each track
  2. To export your recording in stereo you will need to include at least one Stereo track. If necessary, add a blank one by selecting Project and the selecting the option labeled as “New Stereo Track”.

And there you have it, how to record two sound sources on repeater tracks!

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