Writing and Knowing

This article has me thinking. In its opening page, there is a quote: “Generally speaking, Composition believes that writing is not simply one way of knowing: it is the way.” It goes on to say how writing and language are so important to composition, heuristics actually. Sure, it’s such an important way of communication, but language isn’t just written. The activities we do in this class (photo essay, daily creates,etc.) speak to everyone who sees them even though text and words aren’t the only type of “language” we use. We take the meaning of composition to many different levels with digital techniques. Photos and audio, among words can create a story infinite times more powerful than words alone when they’re combined. The combination of these language “mediums” is giving wind to so many creative ideas, only pushing the language barrier higher and higher.

The other type of knowing that is talked about is something we have already tried to capture– a visual thinking process. It is explained that there are some people who see the world more clearly in images than writing, some being extremely successful. As I was just saying, visual cues really can effect an audience so strongly. They can tell any person in the world a story that can be understood regardless of their written language.

That not to say, though, that words don’t serve their purpose. The “primacy of language” tells us that the use of our words is detrimental to our rhetoric. They were what was used from the beginning of time. The new mediums we use are enhancers, better yet, collaborators with words to create something greater and more universal for understanding.

It is writing combined with knowing. Spoken words on audio, or written words with pictures are what makes you feel something real. It is something so great that allows real emotion to take over and create a sort of new dimension of language.

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