Theories are just theories

After fully reading Patrica Dunn’s article, “Challenging Theories of Knowing” it made me feel as if there was a definite progression of change that was similar to someone having an epiphany. The article seemed like it was analogous to the life of a murderer who had got caught  and was a tough and rigid fellow who had no concern for human life. but then throughout his sentence he started reading the bible, became a changed man, and started preaching the word of God. I enjoy the way she flips script and then starts question the foundation of language as the measuring stick for intelligence.

This article defines composition as written language being better than sliced bread and states that composition proponents consider it the single most important thing ever, and even consider it the basis for human intelligence. I believe our class attempts to define composition in a much broader sense. More in a way that allows it to take on a variety of shapes as long as the end results is a way of communication that is refined and is an attempt to make another person understand your way of thinking through any medium. These speak to each other in a way that one side is stating its utmost power and domination while the other is saying times are changing and there is more than one way to do any process.

I think that the act of conflating writing with knowing is a very slippery slope, that one should try to avoid unless one enjoys falling. I believe that it is naive, and deserves to face harsh criticism because as a society we have come a long way due to  writing, but it does not require us to anoint it king of thoughts and ways.

It seems as if there are an infinite ways of knowing. Just because someone has mastered the art of written word does not mean that he is the most knowledgeable  as he most likely still takes his car to a mechanic and does not synthesis his own medicine, nor breed his own cows for milk because everyone in society has became knowledgeable in their specific field so that we can work together.

The primacy of language in my way of thinking is basis of communication between individuals. I believe in this class we are working directly the the primacy of language, as we have no motive other than to convey our messages in any means unnecessary.

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