I hope I right this the write way.

To me, writing has always been my weakest aspect of academics. The constant struggle of being creative and being correct is too confusing for my frail mind to handle. Each year, as students, we would learn a different way to write. Each year, we would be told that this is the way to write and all other ways would receive bad grades. So how do I express what I my opinions, thoughts, and feelings are without being nit picked for the way I write?  But then who has the right to say that writing is the only form of composition; am I right? Right.

So this leaves me to my search for a writing intensive course that will fulfill that frustrating general education requirement. The list that comes up with classes that qualify as writing intensive consist mainly of these English Composition classes that are extremely similar to each other. They are based on opinion and writing out that opinion as similar to the professor’s “right” opinion. This class is the first class that physically gives me the tools to express my thoughts and feelings about topics. Composing through a vast number of mediums is how you get the attention, creativity, and knowledge that students have to offer. There are too many different types of ways people learn just a single subject to have the right or “write” way. You cannot write down that you know how to ice skate; you have to use your muscle memory to show others the knowledge that you have. You must demonstrate that you can play Three Blind Mice on the keyboard.

On the other hand, in mathematics, you must prove to others that your claim is true by using the knowledge that you had previously established. Then building off of each axiom, you write down the “right” solution to the problem or proof to your claim. Mathematics is a language and is considered the only universal one.

Being able to communicate to other individuals on as many number of levels is what sets language apart from composition. Language can constrict one’s ceiling of knowledge. If someone is talking to you in another language that you do not understand, you end up doing just that; not understanding what they are expressing. Yet consider compositions of music, for example: some jazz blues. An artist does not need words to express their feelings in a song. They use the mediums of sounds, tones, rhythms etc. to connect to others that may not be able to speak the same language, but they can feel those blues.




About tukejake

Jake is a Mathematics Major at University of Pittsburgh with plans to become a teacher.
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