Voila: how to make an object disappear

One of the all time classic tricks of a magician is to make an object disappear and now you can attempt to master the ability too, in Photoshop at least. The best part about this feature in Photoshop is the ability for the program to create background where the missing object was and make it seamlessly flow into the original picture, as if nothing was there.

The first step in attempting this trick is to select the lasso tool. Next, trace the outline of the object that you wish to disappear, it does not have to be a perfect outline.

After tracing the object, hit the edit button, and then the fill key.

Which will bring up a window that asks what you would like to fill the space with, to which you should select content aware.

The power of this trick lets you able, for example to take out an object and then move that object to different spots in the photo without any empty spaces, and could also allow for multiple copies of the same image on the background. Or to completely erase a person from an image.Image



It is a fairly simple tip, but I feel as if it could help a ton especially if there is something in the background of one of your photo narrative pictures that you did not notice or is an unmovable object, this tool would allow you to essentially cover it up, without it being noticeable that there was previously an image there.

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