Selective Color

We have all seen this kind of edit in pictures– A black and white setting, except the main subject is seen with a burst of color. This can be used for artistic purposes, or maybe even to create a sense of what the main object in the photo is. Whichever you choose to use Selective color for, it is a great tool that is easy to use

For example, I chose a picture of Pitt’s Hillman library:


As you can see, I’ve captured  the newspaper dispensers and mailboxes that can be found on the side of the library. I am going to make the library and everything surrounding these black and white, and keep their color the same!


  1. Use the quick selection tool to select the part of the picture you would like to keep the color in


My mouse is hovering over the button you use, and you can see the “marching ants” moving around my selection


2. inverse what you selected

I wont show you a picture, because it will look very similar to what you already have in front of you. What this does, though, is selects all the picture you did NOT choose, and leaves what you chose back to normal.

To do this, go to the Select menu at the top of your page and click Inverse.


3. Add adjustment layer

This is the last step! Go to the sidebar and click the button for new adjustment layer, then in the drop down menu choose Black & White.


Here’s the finished product!


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