Recoloring Images

Some photos, especially shots taken at night, often need a lot of editing in order to be able to see everything in the frame clearly. Often doing this taken a lot of the original color out of the photo. One way of editing your photo to prevent this is by adding a transparent layer on top of everything to boost color.  Start by editing your photo making any needed tweaks and adjustments. After this, flatten your image to make working on your picture easier.  Add a new layer on top of the existing one. With whichever brush size works best for what you, add a color to wherever you want. The softer brushes work best. Using a a lighter color will make the object appear brighter, so less vibrant colors work best. You can also use black and white if you just want to highlight or darken a specific aspect of your shot.  After this, you change the blending options of the layer to overlay (or whatever looks the best for what you are working with). To make colors less vibrant make the transparency of the layer less.  This is a nice alterative to just changing the hue and saturation of objects because it give you more control over what you are changing. This method can also be used to add color to a black and white picture.

IMG_0568 checkerboardplace1


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