Advanced Photoshop for Experts

Warning: The Photoshop techniques described in this post are extremely complicated and cannot be easily undone. If you use these steps improperly, your computer might explode in a ball of flame or delete the entirety of Wikipedia. Something terrible, for sure.

So you think your pretty great at Photoshop, do you? You certainly breezed right by that introductory warning. We’re certainly headed into dangerous waters here, so you’d better be brave or stupid to attempt this stunt (preferably both). In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to make most of your photograph black and white (b&w, as the kids call it) while leaving one small part of your photo in full color.

First, you’re going to use your lasso tool to find a part of the image you want to keep in color. You can use the magnetic lasso tool if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Now go up to the select tab and hit invert. All of the photo except the bit you want to remain colored will be selected. Now find the b&w button at the bottom right side of your screen. Press it. Feel amazed at your incredible Photoshop ability. 

You can also blur this area if you want to look even more magical. Create a second layer on top of your background. Cut out the same colored bit you selected before. Go to the file tab and select cut. Find the blur key and select the number of pixels you want to blur. You did it! You have surely created a masterpiece worthy of the Louvre.

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