When you think about it, words and images are just about as good of teammates as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were when they won six NBA championships in their prime. Both are can be powerful alone, but as a combination they can deemed so touching or inspirational that even the toughest of the tough are moved by what they see.

What is essential to understand though, is that these two must work together in harmony. I can best explain it by using an example from McCloud’s chapter six. He brings up the fact that in our society, as we grow older, we are expected to read books with less and less photography or illustration. He has hit the nail right on the head with that one, and I’ve never even realized it until now. Sure, words with absolutely no pictures have impacted me as well as pictures with no words, but together, in the right fashion, it is just an unstoppable force of feeling.

Something I have always noticed is movie posters– There are words and images all over the place. If they didn’t complement each other we would be clueless.


Being an enormous Harry Potter fan, I chose this poster from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.  The picture clearly shows that these two people are not too fond of each other, and that the movie will probably be focused on their feud. However, the addition of the words “It All Ends.” suggests something so much larger. A fight to the death is about to take place. The words complement the image in a way that shows the hatred between the two and suggests that the movie is going to be about a battle worth fighting for, and not just another run in between two enemies. It makes the audience feel the tension which is what I think was the main idea behind this poster.


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