Personal Artist

Doesn’t it feel good to do something on your own? IT feels amazing to accomplish something all by yourself, even if it is just the small things.

Taking your own pictures shows creativity, and then editing them to make them look better is originality.

When you edit the picture, you are putting your very own watermark on it. It shows to other people that this is what you did.

The picture is yours.

There are so many different resources that can be used to edit a picture to be different than it was before which gives even more options on editing it.

How I start, I always go to crop the picture at first. I like to make sure the picture has a good frame work to it. I like when pictures are balanced out with the things inside of the picture. I’d rather have a picture that has very little objects in them than a picture that is overflowed.

If I am doing something like the photo narrative project I like my pictures to show time also. I am working on it to be like a day’s duration. On when I wake up in the morning to how I spend my time in class, then how I relax after a long day of classes.

That it is not truly editing, it is just working out pictures into a specific order.

How I plan to do that is simple. I will edit the color so it matches a certain time period. All the pictures that show my morning I well make a bright color. To show time duration, the pictures will progressively get brighter and brighter when it hits the peak of my day. After that peak, the color will start to darken. After it has darkened it will show light through electricity. While the picture in the beginning involved natural sun light.


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