Infographics or information graphics are my favorite combination of words and images. You’ve probably seen the very graphic colorful articles in magazines or on the internet.  They give information and data about a certain topic in a way that is visually appealing. The words and images work together to give a more complete understanding of the message or illustrate the message in a way that is clearer than words alone. They are often seen in magazines and media. “The aesthetic design draws the viewer in; the information helps the viewer analyze and understand the data being presented.”( The purpose is to display information quickly and efficiently and the graphics help to do this.  The pictures, much like the words are symbols that the eye decodes and makes meaning of, yet the process of an infographic to tell a message is quicker because the symbols they use are easier for the brain to decode and recognize than the icons of letters.

Many infographics are heavy in data and statistics. While seeing a number made up of digits can make a point. Many times infographics additionally show a relative comparison that allows the viewer to maybe not remember two numbers, but realize one was very large in comparison to another.

The infographic I have included here doesn’t have a ton of pictures, but it is done well.  The colors and pictures are eye catching. While the information is interesting on its own, the pictures enhance the message, and they would have very little meaning together without the words. Infographics are based on the idea of interdependence that McCloud refers to. The pictures and words work together to communicate an idea that could not be conveyed without the other. The McCloud comic is like an infographic in the way it tells a story and provides information with words, but the point is made and better remembered because of the pictures.

What Are The Odds?

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