DIY Outerglow: a way around roughly cropped edges

When Myspace was the coolest thing out, I became the coolest kid out by using photoshop to make Myspace layouts for my friends. I’d use crazy patterns and different features to turn their photos into graphics for their layouts. One of the most requested things I would be asked to do would be to crop them out of a photo and put them into the header. Since I’m lazy and like to cut corners, and since these are just Myspace layouts, I figured out a way to do that pretty quickly and I figured I’d share it if any of you think the effect is pretty cool.

For starters, here’s a the before and after:



So starting with the photo on the left which I snapped this weekend at a concert, I added some adjustment layers in order to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation. I then cropped the photo to make it centered. I won’t bore you with how I did that, considering that is all in the tutorials from last week.

So once I had the enhanced image, I created a duplicate layer from the background. It’s always good to have a background layer of the starting image for mistakes, and there’s not really a limit on layers. In the new layer, I simply used the lasso tool located on the sidebar at left to crop around the man in the picture who I will refer to as Bert (because that is his name). I did this pretty quickly, and there is no need to be 100% accurate when clipping at this point. Once I had Bert selected, I right-clicked and selected “select inverse”. Then I used the delete key to get rid of the background. Now if you hide your background layer, all you will see is Bert.

At this point if there is some rough edges that really bother you, zoom in and clip them out with the lasso tool. I had just a few to remove. After that, double click on your Bert layer in the layers panel. The Layer style box will come up. Select “outer glow” at left (make sure you check the box as well as click on the option so that it is highlighted). Use the options at right to make the glow as large, opaque, or noisy as you’d like. You can also change the color of the glow.

For the background I just added a layer below Bert and used a 100% opaque grey color overlay. The text is also a separate layer. This was a really useful tool for me 7 or so years ago working on Myspace HTML layouts, so maybe someone could find it useful for their website now!


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