DIY: How to Photobomb your picture with an Otter (or pretty much anything else, really)

I got excited about the DIY blog post, so I’m doing it now. 

Before:  Choose the photo you want to ‘bomb’ and the subject you want to ‘bomb’ it with. I chose a photo of my friend and I, and an otter, respectively. Open both photos in Photoshop, and begin!

Step 1: Use the lasso tool to select the area around the otter. 

To do this, first select the lasso tool (it’s the one that looks like a lasso), click on the image, and drag the tool around the part of the image that you want to copy. 



Step 2: Copy the selected area! 

Step 3: Paste the otter onto the photo you’re ‘bombing.’ (I’m using the picture of my friend Shelly and me – this is the ‘Background’ layer.)

Congratulations, you’ve added a new layer, (it’s automatically named ‘Layer 1’ but you can change it if you like)!




Step 4: The otter is giant! And as awesome as a giant otter would be in real life, it’s not what I’m trying to achieve here, so we’re going to scale it down.


Step 4A: Edit > Transform > Scale

 Step 4B: Click on one of the small boxes (which appears around the rectangle, which appears around the otter) and drag it across the screen so that the otter image appears smaller.

Step 4 Tip: To avoid distorting the otter image (by ‘stretching’ it horizontally or vertically), hold down the Shift key while scaling the image.


Step 5: Change the opacity on this layer so that you can place the otter in a natural position – you wouldn’t want people to suspect that the photo was doctored!



Step 6: After placing the otter, erase the bits of area around the otter that were copied and pasted with it. It is helpful to play with the opacity throughout this process.



Step 6A: Begin by erasing around the area where the otter’s belly and paws overlap the human hands in the background image. Erase so that it looks like the otter’s body is behind the human hands, but it’s paws are over those human hands. Continue to play with the opacity. Turn it up (so that you can erase around the paws and claws) and down, so that you can see the background image through Layer 1 (so that you can more easily erase parts of the otter’s belly around the human hands, without erasing too much of the otter).



Step 6B: Next, Erase around the outside edges of the otter – it’s arms, shoulders, head, snout, and even whiskers! (You can keep the opacity up for this.) You should zoom in very close on the photo so that you can see the pixels more clearly, and have more control over what you’re erasing.



Step 7: Zoom out and admire your beautiful and completely realistic photo!




About thehudsonbay

I'm Mallory. I made this blog for one of my classes, but have yet to blog on it. I like art and running and music.
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One Response to DIY: How to Photobomb your picture with an Otter (or pretty much anything else, really)

  1. pec35 says:

    This is beautiful! 🙂

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